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Presenter: Dr Valene Phang 
Title: Relooking at Intentional Replantation – A Modern Approach and Recent Updates

 Date: Thu 30 Aug 2018


Intentional replantation has been traditionally regarded as a treatment of “last resort” and the procedure is not widely understood or discussed as a viable treatment option for patients with persistent endodontic disease. However, recent studies using contemporary microsurgical techniques and biomaterials have shown promising healing and survival rates for intentionally replanted teeth. With the increasing incidence of peri-implantitis, it is worthwhile considering alternative treatment modalities to retain natural dentition in selected cases. This presentation aims to give an overview on the contemporary approach towards intentional replantation and discusses recent evidence and updates on the procedure.


Presenter: Dr Huang Shuyan

Title: Long-term outcome of endodontic microsurgery (EMS) – an update on the current literature and the National Dental Centre of Singapore (NDCS) experience


This lecture be presented in two parts:

(1)    The results of a systematic review conducted to answer the question: What is the expected long-term success rate (>4 years) of EMS? A critical examination of the heterogeneity of articles will be presented. The change in outcome classification from short- (1 year) to long-term (4-6 years) recall will also be examined, where data was available.

(2)    The results of a retrospective study looking at the 5-9 year healed and survival rate following EMS performed on a cohort of patients treated in NDCS from 2007-2010.




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