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Insights from AAE16

The AAE16 annual session held in San Francisco earlier this April featured more than 130 educational sessions, across a variety of topics, by many renowned experts in the field. Under the Overseas Convention Grant from the Society of Endodontists (Singapore), 3 endodontic residents had the opportunity to participate in the event.

In the upcoming study club, they will share with us their learning experiences and knowledge gleaned from this international exchange. From updates on the evolution of Bioceramics, to keeping abreast with latest evidence on endodontic surgery and exploring the increasing attention to the biomechanics of endodontically treated teeth - the residents aim to highlight salient messages delivered by field experts during AAE16 and invite the endodontic community to join them.


Endodontic Disease and Systemic Health

Dr Dephne Leong
Registrar, University Dental Cluster, National University Hospital
Although research has dispelled the focal infection theory, an increasing number of studies show a possible relationship between oral inflammatory diseases and systemic health. This lecture reviews the available evidence on the connection between endodontic pathosis and systemic disease: systemic diseases that mimic endodontic pain or periapical lesions; systemic conditions that may influence endodontic pathosis or its treatment; and systemic diseases that may be initiated or contributed by endodontic disease.



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