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Patients’ and Dentists’ Perspectives of the Impact of Traumatic Dental Injuries

Presenter: Ode Wataru
Synopsis: Traumatic Dental Injuries (TDIs) are common occurrences globally and are increasingly recognised as a major dental public health concern, due to their implications on function, psychosocial impact and financial burden on patients. While we as dentists have been placing great emphasis on the management of TDIs and the subsequent clinical outcomes, are we truly aware of the patients’ emotion and thoughts about TDIs? How do we perceive TDI impact on patients and on our management? This presentation intends to shed light on how we could understand the plight and the wishes of our patients better in order to deliver holistic management, emphasising not only good clinical outcomes but also patient well-being.

Dental Pulps Exposed

Presenter: Lim Wen Yi
Synopsis: In spite of a modern era of endodontic practice where sophisticated microscopes and bioceramics have improved treatment outcomes, the case selection for vital pulp therapy in the adult permanent dentition remains a contentious and sometimes elusive topic. This presentation aims to illustrate the various issues surrounding the diagnosis of pulpitis and treatment with partial pulpotomy in patients through histologic investigation of extracted teeth. The study of pulpal inflammation and wound healing is a fascinating realm especially with new techniques that may enhance our understanding how an inflamed pulp should be managed. Ongoing and potential areas of exploration will be highlighted and discussed.



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