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Continuing Education Calendar






Wed 11 May 2022 MTA Obturation Dr Josephine Tay Chiew Xsia Zoom 7-8pm
Wed 2 Jun 2021

Assessment of Quality of Life of Non-Surgically Retreated and Surgically Treated Endodontic Patients : A Mixed-Method Approach


Dr Khoo Shih-Tien Zoom 7-8pm
Tue 12 Oct 2021 Postobturation Pain Associated with Tricalcium Silicate and Resin-based Sealer Techniques: A Randomized Clinical Trial Dr Gabriel Tan Zoom 7-8pm

~Alumni Theatrette, Alumni Association , 2 College Road S169850
^-Faculty of Dentistry, 11 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119083.
* National Dental Centre of Singapore, 5 Second Hospital Avenue, Singapore 168938.

Regular Lectures: Members: Free of Charge. Non-members: $50. Conference and Courses-see individual application form for fees.

Lecture Synopses